Atleta Misteriosa


As I mentioned in my last post, my students are just now starting a unit that deals with sports. One of the ways that I like to practice this is by playing “Atleta Misteriosa”. Here’s how it works:

-I divide the class into groups. I like to use 8 groups, but you can use as many as you want. Then, I pass out a card to each group with the name of an athlete and basic information on the person. I write this in English, so that it challenges them for the next step.

-Next, they work with their group to write a description of the athlete. I encourage them to use not just what we have learned this chapter, but past vocabulary too.

-Then, comes the fun part. I have each group take turns reading their description out loud while the other groups try to figure out who is being described. The winning group is the one with the most correct athletes at the end of the game.

Here are the athletes I used:

  • Aroldis Chapman (baseball player , Reds, from Cuba)
  • Joey Votto (baseball player, Reds)
  • Usain Bolt (runner, Olympian, from Jamaica)
  • Kevin Durant (basketball player, Oklahoma City Thunder)
  • Brittney Griner (basketball player, Phoenix Mercury)
  • Venus Williams (tennis player)
  • Rafael Nadal (tennis player, from Spain)
  • Kerri Walsh Jennings (volleyball player, Olympian)
  • Drew Brees (football player, New Orleans Saints)
  • Lionel Messi (soccer player, FC Barcelona, from Argentina)
  • Lindsey Vonn (skier, Olympian)

I also feel that this would work really well with anybody, not just athletes. You could use famous people or people in class.



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