Getting Creative with Grammar


Sometimes it is difficult to get kids excited about grammar. Today my students learned six tener expressions, so I chose an activity (above) that gives them options and plenty of room for creativity .They needed to:

1. Tell me what tener expression they wanted to use. (ex. Tener cuidado)

2. Conjugate their expression. (ex. Yo tengo cuidado, Tú tienes cuidado…)

3. Write a sentence with that expression. I encouraged them to stay away from “yo”, because most of my students fall back on that option too often. (ex. Pablo tiene cuidado cuando patina.)

4. Then, they needed to draw a picture of that sentence.


I like that this quick activity is good for various learners and gives them creativity in choosing their expression and writing. I have also used this with boot verbs, and it works wonderfully.




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