Let’s Talk

After just coming back, full of inspiration, from the OFLA conference, I could not wait to try out one of the great ideas I discovered. One of the best sessions I went to, presented by the wonderful Joe Moore, was geared toward using pictures in class to drive discussion. Today was the first day that I tried out this method.

Here is the picture I showed my class, courtesy of Dave Engledow :

speaking activity picture 1

Seeing as it is 4th quarter, I thought that this would be a funny picture to describe in Spanish and create a fictional history for. I changed up the questions I asked each class to drive discussion, but here is a sampling of what was asked:

¿Cómo se llama el hombre?

¿Cómo se llama la chica?

¿Cuántos años tiene el hombre/ la chica?

¿Qué le gusta hacer?

¿Tiene miedo/prisa/cuidado? (We were just working on tener phrases, can you tell?!)

Sometimes when they had an interesting comment like, “está triste” I would delve deeper and ask “¿Por qué?” I loved what my classes came up with. Some classes invented that the child was actually younger than the man, while another class, my favorite so far, suggested that the child was scared because the man was going to eat him. What I imagined was a pool was IN FACT a bowl of water to make baby soup. Weird, yes, but they were having a blast with the descriptions.


The second activity I did was to pair them up. I had one person (A) face the projector/smart board, while their partner (B) was facing in a way that he/she could not see what was being projected.

I then showed person A this picture:

people at beach 1

I gave them thirty seconds to describe the picture using as much detail as possible in their limited Spanish 1 vocabulary. Then, I projected these other two pictures along with the one I showed person A.

beach picture 2people at beach 3

When partner B turned around, he/she had to guess which was their picture.

I then repeated the process with these three pictures.

snow picture 1

snow picture 2

snow picture 3


I was really surprised how much my students LOVED this activity! I feel accomplished to get them talking, while still keeping them super interested and excited.



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