Canción de la Semana: “Tengo tu Love” por Sie7e

As summer draws closer, I’m feeling more inclined to pick songs for my students that remind me of beaches. “Tengo tu Love”, por Sie7e, is a nice, relaxing song that takes me mentally away somewhere warm. Here’s what makes this song great:

1. The lead singer throws in a ton of proper nouns, like famous people (Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, etc.) and products (Black Card, Versace, etc.). This helps students gain confidence that they are understanding the meaning of the song, because they are more inclined to listen when they recognize words.

2. The lead singer is Puerto Rican, so ever now and then he throws in cultural words, like guagua, which is a great conversational point.



12 thoughts on “Canción de la Semana: “Tengo tu Love” por Sie7e

    • I want to use this song. Quick question – what do you do about the “table dance” reference in a school setting? Thank you!

      • Thanks for reading, Andrea Vallejo! That is a fabulous question. Honestly, I’ve used this song a few years now and not one of my eighth graders has ever mentioned this. However, if you are concerned, you could do what I’ve done on past songs and simply mute it when it comes close to that line. It is super easy to do on youtube, and I think that would solve the problem.

        Hope this helps!

      • Personally, I didn’t point it out and my students didn’t say anything about that line. We were too busy pulling apart other lines and analyzing all the referenced celebrities. What grade do you want to use it with?

      • I teach high school, primarily freshmen and sophomores and they’ve picked apart the songs we’ve done so far. I am just concerned about the one child who says something. Maybe I’ll just give it a shot and see if we can glide over it…I think it’s a really fun song especially during testing season. It seems you haven’t had a problem so I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. I LOVE your blog!

  1. Worked out great! I also used the Aldrey song! I have friends in Spain who told me about the new “Spanish Justin Bieber”. His name is Abraham Mateo. I showed my kids his video just for fun. Its spanglish and not really worthy of using to teach Spanish… I just like to show them music outside of whats on their ipods…

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