Maps and Commands

While this is my fifth year teaching Spanish 1, we underwent curriculum revision last year and this is the first year with a new curriculum. For the first time this year, Spanish 1 students at my school learned tú commands and directions (left, right, straight, etc.). I have to admit that I was SOO pumped to introduce direction vocabulary, because I have seen some neat things that can be done with this topic.

Today, I passed out this map to my students:

town image

I then projected the same map onto my smart board and I put a star on a spot on the map. I told them that they would have to figure out where I am leading them on the map. Then, I gave them directions using the vocabulary we have learned and tú commands. After reading the directions, I had a volunteer (several had their hands raised) come up and point to where we ended up on the map.

The first round was a bit tricky, but they did really well every round after.

As an exit question of the day, I had them work with their row (I have eight rows of four in my room) to lead someone in their row out of the door. They had to use tú commands and directions in order to get him/her out of the door. I really liked how this went, and especially how each row had to use slightly different directions to get out of the door. I also think that this helped them put what we have learned into context.

Feel free to use!


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