Listening Practice – El Tenedor

A few weeks ago I read a wonderful post on how to make a listening activity feel like a game. Bryan Kandel had a great post called El Tenedor where he details the game.

Here’s my twist on it:

1. Tomorrow, I’m going to show this video to show my students:


It mostly deals with gustar and different activities and places (which we worked on last chapter). I will instruct them to just listen; they don’t have to write anything down, just simply listen.

2. Then, I’m going to put them in pairs with an item, like a plastic fork, between them. I will ask these true and false questions based on the video one at a time.

  • Cristina tiene nueve años. (falso)
  • Cristina lee mucho. (cierto)
  • A Cristina le gusta la playa más que la piscina. (falso)
  • A Cristina le gusta esquiar en las montañas. (falso)
  • Cristina prefiere leer más que jugar al fútbol. (cierto)
  • Cristina dice que tocar la flauta es difícil. (cierto)
  • A Cristina le gustan las matemáticas. (falso)
  • A Cristina le gustan los gatos (falso)

After I read each statement, students will think about whether it is true or false.

  • If they think it is true, they need to be the first to grab the fork/item between them. If they succeed, they receive a point.
  • If they think it is false, they don’t grab the fork. If someone DOES grab the fork/item on a false statement, their opponent receives two points.


I think my students will really have a blast with this and it might make them think differently about listening practice.

I will let you all know how it goes!



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