Flirting in Spanish

Over the summer, I found this great poster on Pinterest. I really loved the idea, but I wanted to give it something special to make it more visually appealing. Here is what I came up with!


This was really easy to make. First, I cut out heart shapes and wrote a phrase on the front of each heart. wpid-img_20140812_165312_572.jpg

Then, I put the English translation on the back.


And there you have it. It’s super easy, and I think it will get my students motivated to learn more phrases to use outside of class.   Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Flirting in Spanish

  1. I love how you converted our poster / graphic into an activity that students can become involved in. I’m sure you’re right too about this getting them to use Spanish outside the classroom.

    Thanks for sharing our graphic too!

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