Reading time!

Back in April, I went to the OFLA conference and came back with a TON of ideas I wanted to incorporate into my class. However, since the conference took place close to the end of the year, there was only so much I could/wanted to incorporate immediately. Over the summer, I started getting things ready for what Ms. Smith and Ms. Stidham talked about at the conference: reading!

I started by collecting a lot of books in Spanish. I already had some, but I got the rest on Amazon. Most of the books were a penny, although shipping and handling cost a bit more. Also, my colleague purchased several books to add to the pot, which is a good way to share the expense.

Then, I labeled the books with stickers: pink, orange and green. What the colors represent is depicted below in the picture.



Here are a few of the labeled books:


I’m planning to set aside just 5-7 minutes every Wednesday for reading. Students will have the opportunity to choose a book and just read. They aren’t going to write anything or take notes while reading; they’ll just simply read and absorb.

Then, at the end of the 5-7 minutes, I’m going to have them record the following in a chart I will provide:

  • book level (pink, orange or green)
  • title
  • page number/s (so they can pick up where they left off if they want to)
  • new word/phrase I learned
  • what I think it means

Sometime after the reading session and before the next session I will review their words/phrases they learned and give them some feedback. I’ll let them know if they are right or what the correct definition is, but I’m not going to deduct points if they got the definition wrong. Also, I can check to see what level of books the students are reading by reviewing their log. This way I can make suggestions if I think they need to read more advanced books or more basic books.

I’m hoping that this will get my students excited about reading!



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