Canción de la Semana: “Te Mueves Tú Se Mueven Todos” por David Bisbal, Ha*Ash, y Reik

I love how catchy this song is. Not only can I not stop humming it, but it has several great teaching points. Here’s what I love:

  • Reflexive verbs: As you can see in the title, this song is full of reflexive verbs.
  • Getting healthy: If you check out this website you will see an explanation of why Coca-Cola created a campaign around this song. México, like other countries, struggles with an obesity epidemic. Coca-Cola used this song to launch an initiative to encourage Mexicans to stay active. I used this song to compare Michelle Obama’s initiative of get healthy with Coca-Cola’s for México. It seemed to stick in their brains, because I overheard one of my students telling a student who was absent last Friday about the song of the week last week and how it was about getting healthy.



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