Canción de la Semana: “Mi Persona Favorita” por Río Roma

Until very recently, I was unfamiliar with the Mexican pop group Río Roma. Now that I found them, I know what group I will be looking up a lot. I also know what the next addition will be to my Ipod: “Mi Persona Favorita”.

Here’s why this song is great:

  • Video + lyrics: This video includes the lyrics as well as graphics provided as clues to the meaning of the lines.
  • Basic: The vocabulary is basic enough for a Spanish 1 student, but can be useful for advanced levels, because there are examples of preterite and future tenses.
  • Discussion: This will be a nice song to use to encourage a class discussion. I plan on asking my class “¿Quién es tu persona favorita?”. You could also even make this a small project where they create a collage or discuss with their classmates.



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