Who would it be?

I was given a challenge by Island Teaching Adventures to think of which teacher from my past I would like to sit down and chat with. Here’s the challenge:

island teacher

I immediately knew who I would pick: Mr. Peppercorn. He was my high school physics teacher who had become an educator later in life. Although I am not much of a physics fan, he really made class wonderful. He was so nice, and really believed in me and my classmates, even though the class was far from easy. He always told us that he would support us in any way if we ever decided to become engineers. I thought that was particularly powerful, because I went to an all girl school, and there are far fewer female engineers than male. Also, he mentioned once that every morning he gets to school, looks at all of his seating charts and says a prayer for us to have a good day. I was, and am still, so touched that he would take the time to think about us and wish for our happiness.

Finally, in 2004 when I was a junior in high school, technology was not as frequently used as it is today. However, he used his own money each year to fund a webpage for the class. He would put homework info, extra help, and contact icons on his webpage. He told us that if we sent him a message, he would answer it within thirty minutes. Even today with my email hooked up to my phone, I am not sure I could make that promise! I would want to sit down and thank Mr. Peppercorn for inspiring me to go the extra mile for my students.

Who would you pick?


One thought on “Who would it be?

  1. Thanks for linking up and sharing! I think it’s great that we can reflect on our own teachers who inspired us. I truly believe that learning from them helps us become better educators ourselves. 🙂 P.S. Glad to have found your blog! Can’t wait to check it out!

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