Los Colores

I love teaching colors. While most of my students know a lot, if not all, of the colors before they come into the class, I find so much excitement in using colors to describe things, like clothes. Of course, I also love giving my artistic students the chance to really shine.

In the past I have used color-by-numbers to practice colors in Spanish, but last year I started something different. Take a look at this!

period 5 el ojo


And this…

period 6

The idea behind this activity is that instead of coloring their picture, they write the Spanish name for the color IN that color. For example, the student who did the drawing above wanted blue waves, so instead of shading in blue, she wrote “azul” in blue.

I love how creative some of my students were with this, and that, as opposed to a color-by-number, THEY got to choose what they wanted to draw.



4 thoughts on “Los Colores

    • Sure! First, I show them an example. Then, I tell them that they are drawing a picture, but instead of coloring it, they will write the word of the color they want to use, in the color. Also, I usually tell them that they need to use at least four different colors.

      I hope that helps!

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