Canción de la Semana: “Soy Guapo” por Señor Wooly

Alright. I realize that this song is not by a native singer, BUT… it is awesome. If you haven’t heard of Señor Wooly before, you need to check him out. While he has several great resources and songs, “Soy Guapo” is my favorite, and the favorite song of several of my students.

Here’s why I like it:

Physical descriptions: My students are just finishing up with a description unit, where we practiced a lot with noun/adjective agreement. I played this song after we finished physical descriptions, because it is FULL of wonderful examples in just about every line. Not only could my students understand 90% of what was sung, even with their limited Spanish 1 vocabulary, but they also love the song and ask for it often. I even heard a fellow Science teacher mention that the kids begged her to play it in class!

It’s funny: The video is absolutely hilarious. It is an ironic song about a guy who is full of himself. Your students will love it.



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