Canción de la Semana: “Te Voy a Amar” por Axel

Today is my birthday! Today is also the first snow day of the year! Never, have I ever had a snow day on my birthday, so imagine my surprise when I received the two-hour delay phone call, and then a school-is-canceled phone call a little later. You can bet that I made good use of my day off; I had a “bed day”. This consisted of hardly moving, staying in my pjs and binge-watching all of the shows I had recorded, but hadn’t had a chance to watch.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

To celebrate my birthday, I wanted to choose a song of the week that warms my heart. Axel’s “Te Voy a Amar” does just that. Not only does the song/video remind me a LOT of the cute, tearjerker moment in Up, when we see the history of Carl and his wife’s marriage, but it has a much happier ending then the way the montage in Up ended.

Here’s what I like:

1. Ir+a+infinitive: There’s a wonderful demonstration of this concept in the title of the song, and in other parts of the song.

2. Indirect object pronouns galore!: Tons of examples, like “me das” and “explicarte”.



4 thoughts on “Canción de la Semana: “Te Voy a Amar” por Axel

  1. Great song; thanks for sharing! I always enjoy these posts. By the way, “explicarte” and “me das” are both examples of indirect object pronouns in the song rather than reflexives.

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