Canción de la Semana: “Ahora Quien” por Marc Anthony

One of the most popular songs that I have done this school year is “Vivir Mi Vida” (found here). My students just LOVE this song and want to know when we will hear another Marc Anthony song. Well… today’s the day!

Here’s what I like about “Ahora Quien”:

1. Two Versions: There are two great versions of “Ahora Quien”, just like there are two versions of “Vivir Mi Vida”. There’s a salsa version and pop version to use and compare in class. Personally, I like the pop version better.

2. Future: Lots of great future examples in the lyrics.

3. Drama: Not only are the lyrics filled with drama (and BE CAREFUL if you plan on dissecting the lyrics in class; some of the lyrics have “romantic” undertones), but the video has a fun, dramatic twist toward the end.



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