Canción de la Semana: “Aquí Voy” por Jesse y Joy

Some of you already know that I love Jesse y Joy. I’ve used them before for my song of the week (like this). Here’s another one of their songs that is great to use in class: “Aquí Voy.”

Here’s what I like:

1. Feelings: As a Spanish 1 teacher, I’m always looking for great songs that include Spanish 1 concepts and easy to understand lyrics. This one of those songs. I heard several instances of feelings (ex. ocupado, cansada, etc.). When I use this song, I plan on having my students write down the feelings that they hear in the song. Then, we will discuss as a class after.

2. Lyrics: I don’t always like lyrical videos, because I think they can be boring. And you know that if I think they are boring, then my students will definitely be bored. However, lyrical videos that are done nicely with great graphics work quite well in class. This video, like “Mi Persona Favorita“, has nice visuals to helps students understand the meaning.



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