Canción de la Semana: “Darte un Beso” por Prince Royce

If you have been listening to pop radio recently, then you are aware of the crossover Prince Royce is making from the Latin music arena to general pop. He has a popular song out right now called “Stuck on a Feeling” that even features Snoop Dogg. I thought I’d take advantage of his new popularity here in the U.S. and play one of my favorite Latin songs of his.

Here’s what I like about this song:

1. Familiarity: As mentioned before, students are familiar with his name, but might not know that he is best known for Latin music. My hope is that if they like his song with Snoop Dogg and this song, then they might be more inclined to investigate into some other songs of his.

2. Indirect Object Pronouns: There are a ton of examples of these in the song. Even the title gives a little peek into how many examples the song holds.



3 thoughts on “Canción de la Semana: “Darte un Beso” por Prince Royce

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