Canción de la Semana: “Perfecta” por Agapornis

It’s really great when I come across a band that I’m unfamiliar with and then find a song by them that I love. This is the case with “Pefecta”.

Caution: This song is a sweet love song, but does feature two homosexual couples in the video along with other heterosexual couples. Of course, their contact is completely PG, but some students/schools might not appreciate this video.

Here’s what’s great about this song:

  1. Preterite: There are a whole bunch of examples of the preterite in the song.
  2. Easy lyrics: The lyrics are easy enough that even Spanish 1 students could pick up on a lot of what is going on, even though the grammar is more appropriate for upper levels.
  3. Love: It’s nice to show a video that shows all different kinds of love (if your school allows).



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