Fun with Verbs

Fun with Verbs! It’s not often that I can say that with a straight face, but in this case, my students really are having fun with verbs. Last chapter my students learned how to conjugate -er and -ir verbs in the present tense. Since they already had an understanding of how to conjugate -ar verbs, I wanted to create an activity to build on their knowledge of verb conjugation and to apply the new rules. So here’s what I created:

unidad 6 una foto misteriosa pic

I created this coloring activity for my students. I titled sections with colors (rojo, verde, etc.) and they had to color the verb according to the conjugation.

Here’s what I like about this activity:

1. Good with any verb tense: While I used this for the present tense, you could easily adapt this for the future, past or whatever.

2. Repetition: While doing a big list of verb conjugations can get boring, this helps spice up really good repetitive practice.

Here’s the activity: Unidad 6 Una foto misteriosa with all verbs

Here’s a blank one: Una Foto Misteriosa – blank


10 thoughts on “Fun with Verbs

    • Nope! I created a table in Word, and then proceeded to put all forms of verbs we have learned randomly in the boxes. Then, I printed it out and colored in some spaces to make some sort of design. After my design was in place, I created the questions based on the places I had shaded in. So, since “trae” was orange, I created a question for that color that would give me that answer, like Miguel (traer). Does that make sense?

  1. What an awesome idea! Faster than a cut-and-paste puzzle and easy to create different versions. Thank you very much!

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