Game: Puntos (Dots)

Anyone remember playing dots as a kid? This is the game where you drew a bunch of dots on a paper and took turns making lines to connect the dots with the purpose of making a square. Here’s a quick video if you’ve never played before.

In the past, I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to use this in class to practice Spanish, but had not really found a method I liked. This morning, inspiration hit and I came up with this:


Here’s the puntos template for the board game. I just printed mine out and put them in page protectors so the kids could use dry erase markers on them. After the day was over, I laminated them to use for future lessons and classes.

Here’s what you need:

  • The “puntos” game board
  • playing pieces (I used extra glass stones I had from making my entiendo/no entiendo board in the beginning of the year
  • dice (one per group)
  • a list of 26 questions (I created a table so that I can change the questions and answers depending on the chapter)


Here’s how you play:

1. Have students work with a partner to play this game. First, they need to put their playing pieces on any space around the board.


2. Then, have students take turns rolling the dice. The dice indicates how many spaces they are to move ahead. For example, if I was on space 20 and rolled a 5, then I would go to space 25.

3. Have their partner read the question for that space. If they get the question correct, they get to draw a line somewhere in the center. If they get the answer wrong, they don’t get to draw a line.

4. If it is a student’s turn to draw a line and he/she completes a box, he/she needs to put their name or initial in the center. The winner is the student with the most squares.


Here’s what’s nice about this game:

1. You can easily use this with any and all topics. All you need to do is change the questions.

2. Since the board is set up in a “circle”, they might get the same questions multiple times. That gives more opportunities for extra practice.

3. Students love it. We played this game a little longer than we usually do, and I didn’t hear any complaints or signs that they wanted to stop.



7 thoughts on “Game: Puntos (Dots)

  1. My Spanish 3/4 students played this today with questions about bullfighting as part of our current unit. They had so much fun! I am currently making a set of questions about food for Spanish 1 to play tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This is such a good idea! I’ve just printed and laminated a whole set of boards and questions for one class and about to create a set of questions for another class.
    I love simple game ideas like this that are so easily adaptable for us teachers and understandable for the students! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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