Game: Tomates Podridos

One of my favorite games to use before a test or quiz is Tomates Podridos. I created this game as an alternative to Jeopardy. I like it, because it keeps every kid and every group involved at all times, and there is an element of luck, so the “smartest” team won’t necessarily win.

Here’s how you play:


  1. Create cards numbered 1-24.
    1. wpid-img_20150831_152104.jpg
  2. On the backs of the cards, put pictures to represent positive and negative points.
    1. I used a single tomato (5), double tomatoes (5), and a rotten tomato (2) to represent my negatives, and my positives were represented with a taco (5), piñata (4) and Frida Khalo (2). I also use a thief (1) to represent a switch of points, but you could use whatever.
    2. You can use my pictures here: Tomates Podridos.
      1. Feel free to change the pictures to reflect what you find relevant.
  3. Tape or magnetize the cards to the board so that the kids only see the numbers.wpid-img_20150831_152329.jpg
  4. Create questions to represent each question 1-24.
    1. I create a Google presentation / Powerpoint to move quickly from each question.


Game Time:

  1. Divide the class into groups of 4-6 people. Give each group a dry erase board, marker and eraser.
    1. I usually like to stick to 4 groups total.
  2. Hand out instructions or have the students label a paper 1-24 to record their answers.
    1. wpid-img_20150831_153524.jpg
  3. Pick a group to go first. Have that group choose a number 1-24. Read/show the question for that number.
  4. Each student is to write what they think it is on their own paper, regardless of whether it is their group’s question or not. Then, they compare answers with their group and decide on one that they think is correct. They write that answer on their dry erase board.
    1. If it is their groups turn, they show me their group’s answer on their dry erase board.
    2. If it is NOT their group’s turn, they wait, because they have the chance to steal the points if the group going gets it wrong.
  5. If the group answers correctly, they receive whatever is under the card, good or bad.
    1. Here’s what each of the pictures is worth:
      • 1 tomato = -1 point
      • 2 tomatos = -2 points
      • rotten tomato = go back to 0 points
      • taco = +2 points
      • piñata = + 5 points
      • Frida = +10 points
      • theif = switch points with another group
    2. wpid-img_20150831_152340.jpg
  6. If the group answers incorrectly, another group or more than one group can steal the question and receive what is under the card.
  7. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the game.

Note: You might want to create a way to change the pictures between classes OR the numbers. Otherwise the students will get smart to where the best and worst pictures are. I have the pictures taped on the back of my cards, so between classes I randomly change a few. 




5 thoughts on “Game: Tomates Podridos

      • Good question. I’ve done it several ways in the past. Since I have all groups prepare an answer in case the group that’s up misses, I currently allow any group that raises it right after I say “incorrecto” to steal. However, in the past I’ve had just the first group who raises it steal.

  1. Dry erase marker comes off of lamination pretty well. I think I would laminate the pictures to blank card stock, shuffle them, place them on the board in random order, then quickly number 1-24 with an expo marker.

    This looks interesting and I’m excited to give it a try!

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