“Mal de Amor” por Sharlene ft. Servando y Florentino

Wowza. It sure has been a while since I’ve posted last. Lo siento. There have been a few family emergencies over the last few weeks that have popped up, but luckily, everything seems to be settling now.

This week’s song is by a new artist that I’m not too familiar with. I had never heard of Sharlene nor the other artists that were featured in this song. However, I’m glad YouTube recommended this song to me, because I feel as if I’ve found a new artist I really enjoy.

Here’s what I like about this song:

1. New York: The movie video “takes place” in New York. Whether or not it was actually filmed in New York, they set up the video with a nice mix of different Latino cultures that can be found in this city.

2. Easy lyrics: The lyrics are relatively clear and easy to understand.



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