I can’t believe that I haven’t shared this super duper, easy game! I call it “Monstruo.”


Here’s what you need:

-Dry erase markers for students

-Dry erase boards for students (or clear, page protectors)

-Erasers for students

-PowerPoint/Google presentation with questions for students OR just a list of questions


Here’s how you play:

1. Project or read a question to the students. Questions can deal with anything from grammar to vocabulary; whatever you need to practice.

2. Students write their answers on their board.

3. When most students are ready, have them raise their boards so that YOU can see their answers. Then, show or say the answer.

  • If they answered correctly, they get to draw ONE part of their monster (ex. an eye, leg, arm, etc.) on their board or desk. Most dry erase markers erase on school desks, but if you are nervous, you can just have them draw on their boards.
  • If they answered incorrectly, they don’t draw anything.

4. The game ends when you want it to, or when you run out of questions.


That’s it! Monstruo is great, because it is no-prep/low-prep. My students love how it makes a boring activity, like just writing on dry-erase boards, more exciting, and they also like to be creative with their drawings. I love how I can check their individual progress just by walking around and looking at their drawings: the more detail, the more questions they have answered correctly. I also like that when they raise their boards I can give immediate feedback on their responses.




4 thoughts on “Monstruo

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  3. I also use this in teams with multiple grammatical structures. I mime the sentence, perhaps “Yo soy alta” for a beginning class, or “‘El lleva pantalones rojos” or “Me rompí el brazo” where they are matching the verb with the subject and making sure the adjective agrees. Everyone in the group has to have the correct sentence before they get counted. The first group with all their boards up with the correct sentence wins a point. They get good at helping the weak ones, and the weak ones get better.

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