New Ideas for the New Year (2015)

Last year, I posted about a few new things I used in class for the 2014-2015 year. You can see those ideas here. My favorite of those new ideas I implemented last year was the entiendo/no entiendo chart. I really LOVED being able to get a quick glance of how the kids felt after class was over, and they really easily got into routine and would even move their magnets when they had a sub. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Here’s what’s new for me this year:

  1. New room = new wall

For this school year I moved into a new room. The only bad thing about that new room is that it doesn’t have windows. Every time I would walk into the room, all I saw was dull, blah colors. I was trying to ponder ways to bring some life and creativity to the room, and one of the solutions I came up with was to paint windows on the back wall. After getting administration’s approval, I worked with the art teacher to recruit some of my kids/her art students to volunteer to come in and paint something for me. I thought that painting windows would be a creative fix, but I left what was actually painted up to the students themselves. I am really impressed with how everything turned out.

Original window-less wall

Original window-less wall

The outline of where the windows will be painted.

The outline of where the windows will be painted.

Squares with primer.

Squares with primer.

Left "window"

Left “window”

Right "window"

Right “window”


2. “I see Spanish” wall. 

As part of my students’ homework for week 1, I asked them to bring in a label/instructions/sign that they found around their house that is written in Spanish. Since it’s only day two and not all students have turned in their homework yet, the picture below just reflects a few items. I will update in a week or two with another picture.

I See Spanish

I See Spanish



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