Gaming Websites: Gimkit, ClassTools and Wordwall

Just like my students, I get bored playing the same Kahoots and Quizlets each class. While these sites are fun, and I use them frequently, I like to throw other sites into the mix as well.

Here are some of my favorites:




-It is similar to Quizlet live or Kahoot.
-Students earn fake money for each question they get correct. They also lose money for each question they miss.
-The neat part is that they can use their money to “buy” things like multipliers (gets you more money per correct question), insurance (helps you not lose as much money if you miss a question), streak bonus (gets you more money for each question you get correct in a row)
-You set a money goal for the class, such as $2000, and play until someone reaches that goal.
-Can play on team mode where the game is played as usual, but your team’s money is pulled. So when you get a question wrong or purchase something from the store, the team’s money goes down.
-Gimkit has a free version that only allows teachers to create a few sets, but their paid version, which is what I have, gives you unlimited sets.



-Allows the teacher to create questions with multiple choice answers (similar to Kahoot) and play games with those questions.
-The airplane game, where students fly into correct answers, and the maze game, where students run to correct answers while avoiding monsters, are two of my favorites.
-Free to join.
-Has option of printables with the questions you created.




-Allows kids to play arcade games like Pacman and Pong with questions you create.
-Free and easy to use.
-The only negative I see is that there are lots of adds on the side of the screen when they play.



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