Mad Libs en Español

I’m always looking for creative ways to get my students using the material we have been learning and practicing in class. One of the ways I have tried and liked is to create a mad libs activity for them.

I created this activity for my Spanish 1 students who were practicing the following concepts:
-sequencing words
-adjective/noun agreement

Here’s what my students filled out on the front:


Here’s what the story looked like once they plugged in their answers from the front:


I heard lots of giggles and laughs when they were reading how their stories turned out. I let my students work in pairs, but the one or two kids who preferred to work alone did just fine by themselves.

In the attached file, you will find two different stories. I did this to just add some variety to what they were writing.


Mad Libs



5 New(er) Songs for Spanish Class

I’m back after a bit of a break! Hopefully, I can share some ideas with all of you as often as I can, however, my personal life is about to get a bit more hectic because I’m expecting!

Here are 5 new(er) songs that my students have been really enjoying. 

  1.  “La Bicicleta” por Shakira
    • My students love this song! I was a little more hesitant to show the original music video, because there is a bit more skin showing and hips moving than I feel comfortable with. However, this Just Dance is an awesome way to get the kids up and moving while listening to the music.
  2. “Los Charcos” por Dani Martin
    • A highly unusual music video. It is about a man that creates a female robot, teaches her how to be human, and falls in love with her in the process.
    • Nice, slower lyrics.
  3. “Bailar” por Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo
    • A music video that involves a quinceañera. Dad gets jealous that his daughter is in love with a boy, so he does all he can to prevent the boy from making it to his daughter’s quinceañera.
    • One of my students’ favorites.
  4. “Tu Enemigo” por Pablo López ft. Juanes
    • Great song about tolerance and acceptance. Based on the singer’s experience with traveling to the US and getting stopped and questioned at customs every time he comes here.
    • Quote from the beginning of the song: “La tolerancia es el fundamento de convivir en paz y entendiendo que en el mundo somos diferentes”
  5. “Déja Vu” por CD9

Canción / Video de la Semana: “Pura Vida” por Don Omar

I just very recently found this song/ video and I just LOVE it. This comes from an album, Pura Vida, that Pepsi put out around the time of the 2014 World Cup. Be warned: this video is a bit long at 6:51, but super cute.

Here’s what I love about the song / video: 

  • Great Message: Try, try and try again until you succeed. I especially love how the kids take dance class to get better at the game, and of course, it all pays off in the end.
  • Fútbol: Great way to get kids excited about soccer/ fútbol.
  • Pura Vida: The team name can lead into a nice discussion about Costa Rica’s slogan.
  • Wilmer Valderrama: Need I say more?! Hubba hubba.

**You can watch the video here.



I find that each year I teach interrogatives I try to find new activities to help practice this difficult concept.

Here’s a new one I used this year:


I had students grab a notecard. On their notecard, they had to create an original question using an interrogative we’ve been practicing. They also had to draw a quick illustration of that question. Then, I had them tape their card outside of my room next to the interrogative word they chose to use in their question.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie:


This is a fun way to help kids remember the interrogatives. It’s sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. (Ignore the colors; I teach interrogatives in two chunks)


Canción de la Semana: “Vivo La Vida” por Olga Tañon

In Spanish class, we are just beginning a chapter that focuses on Cuba. With all of the recent developments between Cuba and the U.S., I thought this song was just perfect to help me introduce the chapter.

Here’s what I like about “Vivo La Vida”:

  1. Cuba: It’s awesome to give kids the possibility of seeing into a country that before we didn’t have much information about. The video is set up like a documentary / news clip, so it’s neat to see local musicians, dancers (and even antique cars) in Havana.
  2. Merengue: Great music/dancing.
  3. An Optional Accompanying Article: Here’s an article People En Español did about the making of the video.


Here’s the video:

Here’s the lyrical video:

Game: Más o Menos

I’ve enjoyed a nice hiatus and am now happy to be back with some great new ideas, games and songs.

Here’s a new game, Más o Menos, I adapted from an activity from this blog. This is a great review / practice game, and can even be easily done with just a few minutes left in class.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Image of numbered circles (I used this)
  2. Your own colored answer key (I made several different ones, so the kids couldn’t cheat)
  3. A list of questions you want to ask

Here’s how you play: 

  1. Divide the class into groups of 2-4 people.
  2. Project the numbered circles.
    1. img_20160125_143008.jpg


  3. Give each group a dry erase board.
  4. Ask the entire class a question. Each group discusses and writes their answer on the board.
    • If correct: They get to pick a number from the board. They then get whatever that question is worth (either +1 or -1) depending on what your answer key says.

      Here’s my answer key. You can see that half of the circles are green (+1) and half are yellow (-1). So if a group chooses #44, they get +1 point. If a group chooses #53, they get -1 point.


    • As each group chooses numbers, you might want to cross them off on the board so that another group doesn’t choose that number.
      • img_20160125_143051.jpg

That’s it! This game can easily be whipped up in a few minutes. All you need to do is think of what questions to ask.


Frida Kahlo

This chapter, my students are learning about Mexico. One of the topics we discuss is Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican artist. This year I did what I did last year, which was to come to class dressed up as Frida. I told my classes about “my” life and art, and I even managed to stay in character the entire class. After learning about “my” life as an artist, we painted.

In preparation for this day, I went in search of age appropriate videos or activities to share with the kids in Spanish. During my search, I came across two really great resources:

  1. Zamba: Excursión al Museo de Bellas Artes
    1. This was a cute video which nicely explains Frida in just under 4 minutes.
  2. La Casa de Frida
    1. This was a great, interactive website, in Spanish, that allows students to investigate into Frida’s house, La Casa Azul.


Canción de la Semana: “Corazón de Campeón” por Jesse y Joy

I’ve been wanting to post about this song for a while, but every time I would start a post, the video would have disappeared. So strange! I decided to try to search the song again, and I found a slightly different version (with AT&T as the sponsor) that I like better.

Here’s what I like about the song:

  • It’s a sing along!: This is a great opportunity for your students to sing along with the song, or just to visually see the words they are hearing in the song.
  • Evolution of fútbol: The song also narrates the beginnings of fútbol and the evolution it has taken to be what it is today.
  • Sports unit: This is an excellent song for sports units (equipo, fútbol, etc.)


Canción de la Semana: “Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy” por Fifth Harmony

I’m fairly confident that most people are familiar with Fifth Harmony by now. Their song “Worth It” was a HUGE hit this summer (and even made it’s way into the Dance Fit class I take). So when my wonderful colleague, Sra. Williams (¡Hola!), suggested this song, I thought it was a great idea!

Here’s what I like about the song:

  • Familiar: Since most kids are probably familiar with Fifth Harmony, they will most likely be interested in hearing a song in Spanish by this group.
  • Ir + a + raw/infinitive: There are some great examples of this concept, among other grammar concepts, in the song.