Canción de la Semana: “El Arrepentido” por Melendi y Carlos Vives

Happy end of the school year! El Arrepentido is a song I used earlier in the year with my students. It just came out in February, so it is relatively new.

Here’s what I like:

  • Hay que”: Expressions with hay que come up several times in the song.
  • Message: The message of the song, living with regret, is great topic to use to create group discussions in your classes about regret in our own lives.

Here’s the song. 

Have a great summer! You deserve a break.



Canción de la Semana- “Hasta Que Salga el Sol” por Don Omar

Happy (Final?) Snow Day, everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I am a Spanish teacher who is happily teaching 8th graders Spanish 1. I feel fortunate to be able to share any tips I have learned with you and I welcome any ideas that you use in class. I hope to use this as a way to share all of the neat activities I have learned over my five years of teaching that I feel have worked well to keep my students interested and engaged in learning Spanish.

I also want to share what I have been working on a lot this year: songs to use in class! A few years ago, I went to the Ohio Foreign Language Association Conference and went to a great session on using music in class. I have experimented here and there with it in the past, but I wanted to really go full steam ahead this year.

So, each week I have been incorporating a Spanish song into my class. Usually, I try to find songs with appropriate videos to make it more interesting.

Here is what we used this past Friday.

“Hasta Que Salga el Sol” por Don Omar

I really thought that this was a great song/video to use in anticipation of the World Cup this Summer. Even though this video features clips from past Euro Cups, it was a great tool to use to show the importance of “fútbol” in Spanish speaking cultures and was awesome to use in our sports chapter we just started.

Feel free to use!